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Meet CK Division.

Been Lookin'

Been' Lookin started his musical career in Boston as a guitarist and front man for the underground psychedelic rock band "LSZ". He mixes both live and sampled tracks, exploring multiple styles of electronica.

Cameron K.

Producer, Disk Jockey, Live Remixer, CK Division Label Founder & Button-Mashing Controllerist.

Curtain Co.

This duo from the heart of America combines pop, trip-hop and r&b influences into a genre-defying sound, realized through live performance and intricate patchwork sampling methods. Catchy vocal melodies cut through atmospheric instrumental layers to create a style at the front of the contemporary music movement.


DFENDR brings his passion for deep, expressive, and soulful music production to CK Division with a diverse selection of releases incorporating sounds ranging from new age tribal moombahton to the tough punches of breakbeat.


Consists of CK Division Label Heads. The duo incorporates a broad range of musical preferences and styles.


Canadian producer, DJ, and remixer. He creates future sounds and liquid vibes in a deep and beautiful atmosphere. His gorgeous melodies intertwine with deep bass in a creative fashion that is timeless yet relevant. He has recently been played by B.Traits on BBC Radio 1.


An upandcoming talent from the UK who style ranges from gritty, dancefloor oriented garage to liquid drum & bass. He has been known to incorporate vocals of past classics, giving a fresh re-rub to any production.


UK based producer who adheres to no particular genre but has an affinity for dubstep, drum & bass and trance. His broad interests come to light in his productions, and his style is one that is consistently evolving.


Born and raised in the UK and currently living in Amsterdam, REX pushes the boundaries of house to incorporate styles of glitch and garage. He encourages everyone to embrace and enjoy upbeat soulful music, with a steady foot in classic techno vibes.


Supertetra has taken an influence from early nineties video games and translated it into complex, yet accessible 2-step, future garage, and downtempo dubstep.



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